Are you feeling overwhelmed, worn out and stuck in a body that's failing you because nothing you try for your health is working anymore?

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…and one size fits all programs with powders, pills and injections leaving you feeling anxious, more defeated, tired, heavier and older than ever. 

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…and overwhelm, wondering who to trust and what’s right for YOU, only answers and customizable solutions to meet you right where you’re at.  

No More Chronic Pain

…only truth and light shining on the root cause of all your symptoms, giving you your strength, stamina, joy, confidence and power back.


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Hey there!

I'm Francene

Like many of you, I’ve spent a lot of years in corporate America and always kept one foot in the world of holistic living and nature connection, maintaining a strong belief in miracles and unseen forces at work in our lives.

In addition to exploring my passion for nutrition and whole foods by experimenting with many different theories, alternative healing protocols and spiritual paths, I’ve also healed myself from debilitating symptoms associated with menopause, fibromyalgia, IBS and shingles, instilling a deep passion for showing YOU how to do the same!

I know first hand how hard it is to succeed, to operate at your best and shine your light when you’re plagued by pain and chronic symptoms that age you WAY too fast, causing your skin to suffer terribly too. Here’s a surprising truth for you: You’re actually meant to shine and thrive in the afternoon of life. This is YOUR time and you deserve to look and feel amazing! 

THE Simplest Way to Look and Feel up to 20 Years Younger

You’re just 3 steps away from enjoying the life you deserve (rather than settling for pain, fatigue and chronic mystery symptoms)

1. Belief System +

2. Detox System +

3. Alignment System =

=  More Radiance, Joy and Freedom for YOU!

THE 5 Essentials of the Divine Aging Blueprint Lifestyle

1. Addressing the TRUE cause of your pain and chronic symptoms (so you can get unstuck… Hint: you’re not supposed to know what’s really going on)

2. Getting back to basics (Healing your body the way God and nature intended, so you can turn back the clock, crank up your radiance and finally own your health)

3. Removing toxins impacting your physical, emotional and spiritual health (so you can operate from a place of alignment and clarity not stress and overwhelm)

4. Transformational results (so you can look and feel amazing, continue performing at a high level and doing all the things you love)

5. Stepping into your power and owning your health (free from the cravings, addictions, drugs and fear that the darkness uses to keep you stuck)


Read Kind Words From Clients

  • “Francene is a powerful, honest and lovely person. Her sympathetic and encouraging guidance helped me to gently ease in a cleansing process. I’ve been able to make big changes to my eating habits easily with her help. Emotionally, Francene helped me through a difficult time in my life. I am very grateful for her guidance and her example!”

    – Carole Mayback, USA
  • “Thank you, this is all so powerful what you’re teaching and showing us. The further I go, the more I can actually feel my body respond to foods I now know are no good for it. Thank you so much for sharing all your wisdom and for your support. It was extra helpful to me as a vegan as well, so I just really appreciate all your guidance!”

    – Dymphna D’Costa, UK
  • “I’ve learned so much about what works for my body, tried out some fab recipes and I’m feeling really motivated to look after my health and energy!! It has helped me immensely. I feel more in balance, know what I should be putting in my body right now and have enjoyed learning about different supplements. This has been a real success so from me, a huge thank you and loads of love.”

    – Jodi Walton, UK
  • “I consider myself pretty well versed in nutrition and natural medicine, yet working with Francene transformed the way I view Food, what I actually eat and how to consciously consume. No only was I impressed with her knowledge about healing the physical body, but I’m also grateful for the elements of emotional and spiritual healing as well. Francene’s passion for health and wellness naturally enables her clients to tap into their unknown potential. Her knowledge, her individual attention, and her ability to deliver content in a digestible way is a true gift!”

    – Karla Petersen, USA
  • “Thank you Francene, this is awesome! I’m so grateful for your guidance! It makes sense to me, to have light thoughts, light foods, light body. Also, healing the liver is a huge epiphany for me as I’ve strugled and struggled to lose excess weight. I feel like I’ve finally found the key and it’s helped me ‘reset’ in a profound way.”

    – Nic Palmer, AUS
  • “I’m 68 years-old and literally feel my body “youthing”. I sense my skin tightening layers deep throughout my entire body. My crepey skin is going away, I feel like I have the body of a 30-year-old and that is no exaggeration! At this pace I feel like my 80 will look like 40! I also used to have terrible Achilles heel pain, hip pain, and pain in both of my feet to where I couldn’t even go for the long walks I now enjoy again. My heart palpitations and edema are gone. My shoulder rotator cuffs are better, in fact I have no ailments or pain whatsoever anymore! I can feel my prolapsed bladder lifting and getting better, my wrinkles are smoothing and the turtle skin around my neck that used to hang over my collar is completely gone and lifted now! I’ve had cellulite all of my life and I can see it gradually toning and tightening. Everything is tighter, the left eye skin that was hanging over my eyelid is not there anymore, the wrinkly bags under my eyes are much less. Francene is my health guru. I totally trust her and do absolutely anything she tells me to do!”  

    Lorraine Pursell, USA
  • “I’ve been working with Francene since 2020, initially due to chronic back pain, then gradually switching my focus to diet and supplements since the back pain subsided. What I didn’t realize at the time was that both the back pain and diet are connected. But Francene knew that, and was so very patient and kind, not wanting me to get overwhelmed with all the information that she had to offer. Slowly, I began to heal as I followed her protocols. I am now virtually pain free and continue to feel healthier as I include the supplements that she advises, avoid the foods that feed viruses and bring in the fruits and veggies that she specifically recommends, which kill pathogens. Since modifying my diet, according to Francene’s recommendations, I’ve also lost 20 pounds… effortlessly! I truly believe Francene has Divine guidance and cares about each and every one of her clients, wanting to see them healthy and vibrant, especially in their mature years. At 60 years old, I’m so glad that I finally connected with Francene Loomiller and all the knowledge she so sweetly shares!”

    – Dee James, USA

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