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Founder & Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner

For all of my adult life I’ve been super passionate about whole health, natural living, spirituality, connecting to the earth and anything having to do with creating a supportive, healing environment for body, soul and spirit. My dedication to this lifestyle only intensified after the home birth of my kids in 2003 and 2006 and my desire to provide the best holistic care for them.

diverse background in whole health

This passion has also taken me on many different learning journeys, including permaculture design – helping facilitate the creation of my signature Food and Flower Fairy Garden® and passive solar home and green building design – ensuring a health-promoting home environment free of disease triggering toxins and pathogens, in addition to the fascinating world of energy and light frequency medicine, all of which I weave into my process to get YOU results. 

professional + Philanthropic endeavors

After almost 20 years trading stocks for some of the largest mutual fund companies in the country, I left the investment industry for good in 2009. It was such a blessing to spend those following precious years with my children.

During that time I also co-chaired our school district’s Wellness Committee and started a non-profit organization, Schoolyard Crop, to integrate edible gardens, eco stewardship and systems thinking into school curriculums. 

As lady bosses, you know how we like to keep our plates full and I was no different!

Healing Myself

After my dad passed in 2016, right after my 50th birthday, and new symptoms of fatigue, brain fog, weight gain, shingles, and debilitating nerve pain showed up, I was guided to do even further research into healing. 

I was following a strict paleo lifestyle; no fast food, gluten or refined sugar for years, eating organic, grass fed and free range, drinking my bullet proof coffee, doing yoga, cardio and weights, all the “right” things, so why was I getting sick?

It was then I discovered the work of Anthony William, aka Medical Medium®. His first book resonated so deeply, allowed me to quickly recover from my symptoms, and unleashed a passion to share this healing truth and all I’ve learned over these past many years with you, so you too can break free and make these powerful years your best yet!


You Are Powerful

The afternoon of life can be some of your most powerful years! This is YOUR time and you are needed.

Energy and Light

Everything is frequency so  you must address health and age reversal at the quantum level too.


Connecting to nature is critical for youth renewal; plant foods, living water, grounding and more.

God and Faith

It’s crucial you never lose faith and arm yourself appropriately for the spiritual battle at hand.

Why BossFairy Inc | Age Like a Boss?

When folks say, “I can’t believe you used to trade stocks, you’re so sweet!” I used to say “Yeah, that really wasn’t me.” But what I realize now is, that was totally me and it’s ok to own it. I’m a boss and I’m a believer and if you’re reading this, you are too. It’s time for you to own your strength and power, and look and feel amazing while doing it!

Here's why you should join me...

Francine : Garden

You're up against so much more on earth than you're led to believe. It's time you had the answers so you can turn back your clock, crank up your radiance and own your health for good!


No More Trendy Diets

…and one size fits all programs with powders, pills and injections leaving you feeling anxious, more defeated, tired, heavier and older than ever. 

No More Confusion

…and overwhelm, wondering who to trust and what’s right for YOU, only answers and customizable solutions to meet you right where you’re at.  

No More Chronic Pain

…only truth and light shining on the root cause of all your symptoms, giving you your strength, stamina, joy, confidence and power back.