“I’m 68 years-old and literally feel my body “youthing”. I sense my skin tightening layers deep throughout my entire body. My crepey skin is going away, I feel like I have the body of a 30-year-old and that is no exaggeration! At this pace I feel like my 80 will look like 40! I also used to have terrible Achilles heel pain, hip pain, and pain in both of my feet to where I couldn’t even go for the long walks I now enjoy again. My heart palpitations and edema are gone. My shoulder rotator cuffs are better, in fact I have no ailments or pain whatsoever anymore! I can feel my prolapsed bladder lifting and getting better, my wrinkles are smoothing and the turtle skin around my neck that used to hang over my collar is completely gone and lifted now! I’ve had cellulite all of my life and I can see it gradually toning and tightening. Everything is tighter, the left eye skin that was hanging over my eyelid is not there anymore, the wrinkly bags under my eyes are much less. Francene is my health guru. I totally trust her and do absolutely anything she tells me to do!”