This topic kind of drives me crazy with so much focus on the gut microbiome and still millions of people walking around sick, with weak immune systems and chronic symptoms that are literally aging them way too fast.

There’s some misconceptions when it comes to your immune system’s health that I want to clear up. According to Anthony William, aka Medical Medium, the fact of the matter is that your immune system lies in your bloodstream, NOT in your gut!

So while taking probiotics are beneficial for helping your gut flora, those probiotics do not fight the bad bacterias and viruses at all. What we need to do is take a completely different approach by focusing on your bloodstream to help you fight all the bugs you’re up against today.


The 3 things you can do for your bloodstream:

1. Drink thyme tea or thyme water. You can make thyme water by just adding a few sprigs of thyme to a jug of water and let soak overnight in the fridge. The next morning you can add some fresh lemon to that water if desired and sip on that throughout the day. Or make thyme tea and by adding 2-3 sprigs of fresh thyme to a cup and pour hot water over it and let that steep a bit. Add raw wildflower honey if desired.

Why? Thyme is antibacterial and antiviral. It hangs out in the bloodstream and viruses also hang out in the bloodstream, especially the ones that are going around right now!

2. Work on thinning your blood.  When you consume a diet high in fat and protein, and that’s exactly what we’re taught to consume today, even healthier fats and protein like nuts and seeds, avocado, olive and even coconut oil, vegan protein powders, etc… it bogs down the liver and thickens your blood.

So if you’re sick or feel like you’re coming down with something, lighten things up! Eat lots of fruits and veggies, even steamed potatoes, steamed sweet potatoes and squash,  just don’t put fats like avocado, butter, cheese, sour cream, all those things that we do.

Stick to 10% fat if you’d like to add avocado with potato for example, just be aware and avoid it til you feel  better if possible.

You can even make air fried potatoes with some herbs and  use some salsa or homemade ketchup with them. Just keep things light!

3. Bring in the right supplements to fight the pathogens directly.Use high qualityzinc, vitamin C and B12. We’re up against a lot right now on planet earth and we all have a variety of bugs in our system, so you want to keep your immune system strong at all times.

My favorite source for those supplements is Vimergy. Super high quality, family owned company, their supplements are amazing and pack a powerful punch for your dollar.

Click here for the detailed virus protection protocol from Anthony William.